The company AFOI LEFA OE || LEFASAGRI is active in the import of fertilizers, special nutrition products, bioactive preparations, biostimulants for various crops, and in the distribution of beneficial insects. Modern plant nutrition requires innovative formulations, high scientific training and sustainable environmentally friendly practices.



Calcium (CaO) .................................................. 30.0% w/v
Density: 1.40 gr/cc  pH: 7-8

SILTRON CALCIO FLOW is indicated as a plant tissue enhancer for foliar and/or root application, the purpose of which is to increase the tolerance of the crop, improve the life of the fruit and increase its resistance plant and fruit to physical damage caused by friction, handling, etc.
Increases the productivity and quality of crops.
Increases soil resistance to wind and water erosion.
Increases the resistance of plants in drought.
Promotes colonization by symbiotic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).
Reduces the leaching of Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium in agricultural lands.
Increases plant resistance to salinity.
Makes plants more resistant to abiotic factors.
Restores areas contaminated by heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
Forms part of the trichome structure.



Application Stage



Apple, Pear


3-4 applications when the wrist diameter is 2.5cm and repeat every 10 days

Pitter bit control


From December every 10-15 days until all buds open

130-140 ml/100L (2400ppm Ca)

After harvest and before the leaves fall

Grapes (table and wine)


1-2 applications before flowering

Inspiration of the botryum inflorescence


3 applications when the berry is 4-5 mm, repeat every 5 to 7 days, mixed with gibberellic acid

Improve cell wall structure and health, in varieties prone to tearing, add at a dose of 1.5 kg/ha to improve elasticity and resistance to tearing

Plum, Peach


2-3 applications after flowering during fruit set

Improving the structure of the cell wall

2-3 applications 4 and 2 weeks before harvest

Improving wrist strength



2-3 applications after flowering during fruit set

Improving the structure of the cell wall

2-3 applications during the discoloration of the wrist and repeat after 10 days

Wrist hardness and prevention of tearing and splitting

Anemones, Mango


3-4 applications during fruit development and 60 days before harvest every 15 days

For firmness of the wrists



2-3 applications after fruit set every 10 days

Avoid tearing and bursting

Raspberries, Blueberries


3-4 applications after fruit set during fruit development every 7-10 days

Hardness and durability of the fruit after harvest



3-4 applications during fruit development until harvest

Hardness and durability of the fruit after harvest

Tomatoes, Peppers


5-6 applications from the appearance of the first inflorescence

Fruit tightening and prevention of dry top (Blossom rot)

Cucumber, Melon, Watermelon


2 applications during fruit development until harvest

Prevention of dry top (Blossom rot)

Lettuce, Cabbage


2 applications 30 and 15 days before harvest

Resistance to dehydration and tip burn



5-6 applications every 15 days starting when the plant mass is at 25%

Prevention of Black heart

2  fert

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