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NPK 15-5-30 with Micronutriens

EC Fertilizer
Fertilizer NPK 15-5-30 with Micronutriens
CRYSTAL FOLIAR 15-5-30 + Micro is a microcrystalline fertilizer which is completely water-soluble, rich of potassium, and obtained from high-quality raw materials. It is apt for the most sophisticated fertigation systems. This product does not contain any chlorides, sulphates and carbonates, and thus it is indicated both for foliar treatments and in fertigation.
The EDTA chelated micronutrients guarantee a systemic effect after foliar treatments.

Cropes Aplication Rates
All cultivars Foliar aplication: 1.5-2.0 Kg/1000L
Ornamental cultivars Foliar aplication 1.0 Kg/1000L
Fertigation: Repeat treatments at regular intervals 20-25 kg/Ha


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Fertilizers & Irrigation

Fertilizers & Irrigation

Contemporary agriculture demands suitable fertilizers, special nutrient products and supplements and above all appropriate irrigation.


Specialised, environmental friendly, water - soluble fertilizers for intensive crops and hydpoponics

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We offer, biological, special-nutrient products, which can be ideally used for any crop


Swirskii Mip, Nessidiocoris Mip, Andersoni, Orius, and other beneficial insects as well as Bombinas for pollination

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Irrigation Systems of high quality for perfect irrigation not wasting any valuable water.