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Composition Guaranteed                 w/w      w/v
Copper (Cu) water soluble   6.0%    8.0%
Complexing agent: Cluconic Acid
pH range to ensure the stability of the complexing agent: 4-9

Capaz Cu 80 is a stable formula based on copper gluconate, easily absorbed and quickly translocated to all plant organs (transsystem product).
It has been developed in such a way that it can cover several targets in the plant at the same time: supply of copper and maintenance of the plant from anomalies originating mainly from abiotic adversities.
Its composition allows good efficiency at low concentrations of copper per hectare, which implies a reduction of residues and allows both foliar application as well as the application by root watering.
Capaz Cu 80 passes easily through the epidermis of the plant acting as a catalyst in the biosynthesis of phytoalexins. These phytoalexins are mainly terpenic in nature (phaseolin, genistein, risitin, pisatin etc.). Due to its intersystemic action, it acts on the whole plant and the root.

Cultivation Dose (ml/100L) Guidelines
Olive 200-400 from fall to spring
Vine, Citrus, Fruit 200-300 during the development period
Horticulture 100-200 during the development period
Rooting: 200-500  ml/str depending on the culture

In crops sensitive to copper (Potfruit, some vine varieties and some horticultural crops), under certain conditions and depending on the moment, it is recommended to apply it exclusively through the root. It is always recommended to test before mixing and test application on a few representative plants in the crop

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