The company AFOI LEFA OE || LEFASAGRI is active in the import of fertilizers, special nutrition products, bioactive preparations, biostimulants for various crops, and in the distribution of beneficial insects. Modern plant nutrition requires innovative formulations, high scientific training and sustainable environmentally friendly practices.

VITIS (Phosphorus Pottasium with Boron)


VITIS is a product specially designed to be applied during fruiting, helping fruit set and fruit size. VITIS applied crops also show an increase in fruit quality parameters such as fruit weight and size, sugar content , coherence and uniformity.

VITIS improves pollen quality, thus helping fertilization and fruit set. VITIS activates several metabolic processes, including auxin biosynthesis (involved in fruit development), photosynthesis (increasing energy and photosynthesis to enhance fruit growth), and protein biosynthesis (production of biomass for swelling). VITIS also has an effect on fruit ripening, which leads to a harvest with better fruit quality thanks to its effect on the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

It is applied to fruit set, during the increase in size and during the period of changing the color of the fruit.

Cultivation Apply Dosage
Vine Application to bud development, after fruit set, and during ripening 300ml/100L
Cucumber, Watermelon, Melon 4 applications from bloom every 10-15 days 300ml/100L
Gartocarpa, Stonefruit 3-4 applications after fruit set 300ml/100L
Citrus 3-4 applications after fruiting 300ml/100L
Olive 3 applications after fruiting every 10-20 days 200ml/100L
Horticulture Apps every 20 days 200ml/100L
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli Applications two weeks after transplant every 10-15 days 300ml/100L
Potato 4 post-bloom applications per 10 days 300ml/100L
Strawberry Applications every 15 days from inflorescence development to harvest 200ml/100L
 Water lubrication 400-600 ml/str. It can also be applied to hydroponics


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