The company AFOI LEFA OE || LEFASAGRI is active in the import of fertilizers, special nutrition products, bioactive preparations, biostimulants for various crops, and in the distribution of beneficial insects. Modern plant nutrition requires innovative formulations, high scientific training and sustainable environmentally friendly practices.




Water-soluble zinc ......................... 8 w/v
Complex Agente GH Glucónico
Ph: 5-6< br> Density: 1.36 gr/ml
Color: Dark Green

Gluco Zn 800 is prepared as a soluble concentrate, of high purity, high quality and safety
Gluco Zn 800 contains surfactants to improve compatibility and better wetting of sprayed surfaces.
Zinc is an essential micronutrient component for the activation of enzymes and for the synthesis and maintenance of plant growth hormones (auxins). It participates in protein synthesis and enhances photosynthesis. Gluco Zn 800 is effective in very acidic or very calcareous soils, ensuring the supply of zinc in any type of soil. Additionally, the metal ions chelated and sequestered by GH-gluconic acid do not react with other soil components. this is the cause of great stability. Gluco Zn 800, as it is derived from a natural sugar (glucose), enters the plant's metabolism through the foliar or root route (drip irrigation or infusion) very quickly. Once absorbed, it moves freely throughout the plant carrying zinc where it is needed. 10-12 days after application, if the crop has also been watered, the beneficial effects are already observed. Gluco Zn 800 is derived from heptagluconic acid and this in turn from glucose, which is a natural carbohydrate. This makes Gluco Zn 800 is a safe product and does not cause any phytotoxicity problems either foliar or drip irrigation. 

Cultivation Dose Sheets Dose Hydrolubrication
Apple 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Pears 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Peach 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Plum 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Apricots 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Cherry 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Citrus 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Vine 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Actinids 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Horticulture 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Floral & Pharmaceuticals 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str
Greenhouses 100-300ml/100L 500ml/str

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Fertilizers & Irrigation

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Swirskii Mip, Nessidiocoris Mip, Andersoni, Orius, and other beneficial insects as well as Bombinas for pollination

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