The company AFOI LEFA OE || LEFASAGRI is active in the import of fertilizers, special nutrition products, bioactive preparations, biostimulants for various crops, and in the distribution of beneficial insects. Modern plant nutrition requires innovative formulations, high scientific training and sustainable environmentally friendly practices.

FUNBAC (equisetum)


Horsetail extract (equisetum arvenses) ………. 100% w/v

FunBac contains Equisetum arvense, also known as 'horsetail', it is a bushy plant that belongs to the Equisetaceae family and is readily found throughout Europe. It grows naturally in temperate zones of the northern hemisphere and in moist places next to watercourses. Equisetum arvense has long been known in Organic and Biodynamic agriculture, having preventive and beneficial effects on plants. The sterile strains have the greatest medicinal and agricultural interest because they contain silicon which helps to strengthen the tissues of plant cells. It is approved for horticulture, fruit trees, red fruits (berries), vines and its effectiveness has been proven in the prevention and control of the above crops. Its effectiveness is based on its stimulating effect on plant defense mechanisms thanks to the high content of organic silicon (bound to proteins) and salts rich in Potassium and Magnesium, together with saponoids, flavonoids and tannins (equisetonin).

Silica application has been shown to alleviate the negative effects of many abiotic stresses, such as salinity, heat, cold, UV-B radiation , heavy metals and mechanical stresses. It strengthens the cell walls in the plant and limits interventions with synthetic chemical products, reducing the level of toxic content in crops.

Dosages and Applications:

Cultivation Application stage Dose (ml/100L water)
Apple, Peach 2 to 7 applications from stage BBCH 53 to BBCH 67 200ml/100L
Vine 2 to 6  applications from stage BBCH 10  to BBCH 57 200-400 ml/100L
Cucumbers 2 apps from BBCH stage 19  to BBCH 49 200-400 ml/100L
Tomatoes 2 apps from BBCH stage 51  to BBCH 59 200-400 ml/100L
Strawberry, Blueberry 4  with 8  applications from BBCH stage 1  to BBCH 89 270-540 ml/100L
Potato 4  with 8  applications from BBCH stage 1  until BBCH 9 270-540 ml/100L

2  fert fert

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