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CALCIO (Calcium)


EC Fertilizer
Calcium (Ca) Solution

Calcium water-soluble ........................ ............... 15% w/v

Calcium helps in the rapid assimilation of free amino acids, humic acids, betaines, carbohydrates, vitamins and many other components, useful for plant metabolism.
Calcium has a fundamental role in the neutralization of organic acids. Calcium also participates in metabolism, the regulation of the colloid state in the protoplasm, acting - unlike potassium - in the processes that regulate sweating and water balance, favoring plasma contraction and reducing water absorbency. It is necessary for cell division. It enters as a component of maltase enzyme and is important for the development of meristems. It is required in large quantities by the plant during pollen formation.
CALCIO is an active source of calcium for crops, thanks to complexed calcium, which is easily absorbed and transported within the plant .
With CALCIO we avoid various problems suffered by crops such as bitter-pit (Bitter spot - Apple), blossonen-rot (Dry Top - Tomato, Peppers), tip-burn (Peripheral Burn - Lettuce, Cabbage, Onion, Celery), cracking (Fruit Tearing - Cherries, Plums) and in addition the necessary nutrients that contribute in crop development. Does not contain chlorine and sulfates.

Its use is recommended for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in leafy vegetables, horticulture, tuberous plants, fruit trees, olive and other crops such as tobacco , vine, sunflower, cotton and corn.

Cultivation Apply Dose
Apple At petal fall, when the fruit is 10mm in size and every 10 days until harvest 200-400 ml/100L
Stone fruit After fruit set, and 2-3 applications during fruit development 200-400 ml/100L
Citrus When the diameter of the wrist is 2-3cm and 2 repetitions per 14 days 200-400 ml/100L
Vine After the formation of the rail 3 applications per 10 days 200-400 ml/100L
Actinide After fruit formation 2-3 applications 200-400 ml/100L
Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant From the first tying of the wrists and repeating every 15 days 200-400 ml/100L
Potato At the beginning of tuberization and 2-3 repetitions every 15 days 200-400 ml/100L
Lettuce, Spinach, Celery etc. In the middle of development and repeat 2-3 applications per 15 days 200-400 ml/100L
Onion During bulb formation and repeat every 15 days 200-400 ml/100L
Carrot When height 15 cm 200-400 ml/100L


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