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BORO (Boro)

Boron with complex agent

EC Fertilizer
Boron Ethalonamine (15% w/o)
BORO has got a high concentration of boron ethanolamine.
Boron is an essential micronutrient for plant production processes.
It stimulates the lengthening of pollen tube, allowing fecundation, it regulates cell multiplication, thus achieving reproductive cycle and it favors homogeneous and a bund ant fruits.
In this formulation, boron forms a complex with ethanolamine that hasproved to be the most suitable element to ensure the availability of the element in the plant.
If BORO is administered to plants, it restores the right balance of this element.

cultivations (olive,
citrus and fruit
Foliar application before the phase of
blossoming and in case of physiopathologies
caused by boron defciency
150 ml/100L
Table and wine
Foliar application during the phases of
bunches development, before fowering,
fowering and complete fruit set
100 ml/100L
(strawberry, etc.)
Foliar application before fowering 100 - 150 ml/100L
Floriculture and
ornamental plants
Foliar application in case of stress caused by
boron defciency
100 - 150 ml/100L
Industrial crops
(sugar beet)
Foliar application from the frst 7-8 true
leaves and repeat the treatment before the
closing of the lines
200 ml/100L
Thedoses refer to 1000 litres of water per hectare.
In fertigation during the same phases or when the frst symptoms of
boron defciency appear:
2 - 3.5 L/ha


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