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VITALIME FORTE (Vegetable Origin Amino Acids)


 VITALIM FORTE is an organic biogenic stimulant based on low molecular weight hydrolysed amino acids, polysaccharides and organic substance. It has a high content of fulvic acid and an organic substance, stimulating cultivation at critical points of growth (vegetation, flowering) or in increasing the size of the fruit or when there are stress conditions due to agronomic or environmental conditions.
It is a product obtained from acid hydrolysis of molasses sugar cane (60% W / W)Cultivation


Application (Foliar)

Dose (100L water)

Fruit Trees

Applied on budbreak, lethargy output, prefloración and once the set.

200-400 ml/100 L


Applications during the biological cycle.

200-400 ml/100 L

Grapes and wine Grapes

Applications during the stage of fruit fattering to veraison.

200-400 ml/100 L

Citrus Fruits

Applications during fruit growing.

200-400 ml/100 L

Fertigation : 50-100L / Ha

It is applied throughout the growing cycle of cultivation, both in horticultural and fruit-bearing trees, with various applications depending on the environmental conditions and the phenological stage of cultivation.
Higher doses are applied to the most developed crops.
In fruit trees it can be applied especially during the breakdown of the lethargy, in the development of the eyes before flowering and the fruit setting from one application at a time.
Do not combine with mineral oils, organo-cuprous products or products with strong acid or alkaline reaction.

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