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VIGOR L RAPIDO (Vegetable Origin Amino Acids)

Vegetable Origin Amino Acids

VIGOR L RAPIDO is a completely natural product, in which the high concentration and the optimal interaction between its components allow to obtain excellent results on: photosynthesis, stomas regulation, plant hormones formation and production of pollen and sprouting.
The use of VIGOR L RAPIDO allows to have greater yields, sprouting, size, improvement of the organoleptic features of crops and longer storable fruits. In case of stress, if the plants are weakened by frosts, hails or root asphyxia, VIGOR L RAPIDO speeds their recovery. The product needs only 3-6 hours to enter in the plant.
We advice to use VIGOR L RAPIDO together with fertilizers, phytosanitary products and weedkillers of which it improves the translocation inside the plant.

Crops Aplications Rates
Grape, drupaceous,pomaceous,
olive, citrus
1.2 - 2 ml/L
Horticulture, floriculture, nursery,turf 1.2 - 2 ml/L
Industrial crops, cereals 1.2 - 2 ml/L
Fertigation: L. 20 perha mixed with common water-soluble fertilizers.

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