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QUELGREEN (Marine Algae)

Εκχύλισμα Φυκιών

Substance helping plant growth

QUELGREEN is a product derived from a natural infusion of marine algae, Aschophyllum Nodosum. The product contains polyuronic acids, natural plant hormones (eg cytokinins), enzymes, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, macro and micro elements, (alginic acid, mannitol, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper). QUELGREEN can be used as a growth factor, because it stimulates the growth of plants, by enhancing their physiological activity.
Its use increases yields, weight and fruit size, prolongs fruit ripening and storability, improves seed germination, helps root development, enhances plant resistance to stress, significantly reduces chlorophyll wear, by improving of cellular metabolism and contributes to the reduction of salinity stress.
It is perfectly combined with fertilizers, whose metabolism improves in the plant.
It is applied throughout the crop cycle, both in horticulture and in fruit crops, with various applications depending on the environmental and phenological conditions of the crop. Higher doses will be applied with more developed or larger crops.
In fruit trees it can be applied specifically at break of dormancy, at bud development before flowering and at fruit set from one application at a time.
Do not combine with mineral-oils, organ-copper products or products with a strong acid or alkaline reaction.
Do not exceed the doses.

Typical Use: Improving fruit size

Cultivation Apply Dosage
Vine 5 interventions: budding, pre-flowering, post-setting, pre-closing, 4 weeks before harvest Leaf: 150-300 ml/100L
Olive 3 interventions: in the buds, in the carpel, in the growth of fruits
Pome fruit, Giant fruit 4 applications: on buds, after setting, on fruit development, 20 days after the previous one
Horticulture 3-4 applications starting about 8-10 days after transplanting
For applications with hydrolubrication: 200-500 ml/str. It can be combined with common water-soluble fertilizers

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