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HYDRO SPECIAL (Boron and Zinc)

Boron and Zinc

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Hydro Special is a fertilizer,containing a mix of micronutrients, such as boron and zinc, inhigh quality. Boron and zinc are necessary to guarantee a rich anduniform blooming and also a correct growth of new tissues(leaves and blossoms).
Hydro Special formulation guaranteesthe mobility and the emission in the circulation of theseelements, especially when applied regularly, it grants the bestresults, such as: bigger vegetative growth, larger growth ofgrapes, better fruit setting, increase of the fruitssize, increaseof the sugar extent and larger resistance to climatic stress.
Werecommend associating Hydro Special with otherfertilizers because it efficaciously helps the plants to adsorbthem.


3 applications: Pre-blooming, petal fall, fruit growth Fruit and citrus trees, grapes, olives 2.0 -2.5 ml/L
Horticulture in open field and greenhouse 2-3applications: Posttransplanting, vegetative growth (1-2) 2.0 -2.5 ml/L
Floriculture, ornamental plants, nursery and golf courses 3-4applications: vegetative regrowth (every 15 days) 1.5 -2.0 ml/L
Fertigation: 5-10L/ha, also mixed with common water-soluble fertilizers


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