The company AFOI LEFA OE || LEFASAGRI is active in the import of fertilizers, special nutrition products, bioactive preparations, biostimulants for various crops, and in the distribution of beneficial insects. Modern plant nutrition requires innovative formulations, high scientific training and sustainable environmentally friendly practices.

PH ACID (Nitrogen and Sulfur)



Solution Of Nitrogen Fertilizer (S 18)

pH ACID is a special solution of fertilizer composed by N + S (Nitrogen and Sulphur) fits for direct soil application or fertigation. The high content of Nitrogen and Sulphur makes it an important source of macroelements. Besides, many organic elements are contained in this product, enhancing its quality.
pH ACID allows a reduction of carbonates and bicarbonates present in the irrigation water so as acidifying the solution through the release of H+ ions.
The dosage of pH ACID depends on the quantity of carbonates and bicarbonates present in the water. The best practice recommends keeping the pH value between 5.6 and 6.2.
Its composition and the right balance amongst its essential elements make this product a very incisive and stimulant means for fertilizing the plants suffering a physiological stress condition.

Tree crops 3-4 applications: from vegetative regrowth to harvest 20 – 35
Horticulture 2-3 applications: from post-transplanting 15 – 20
Floriculture and ornamental, plant nursery and golf course At vegetative regrowth (every 20-30 days) 15 – 20


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