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Total nitrogen (N) ………………….……. 42.0% w/v
Ammonium nitrogen ………………….…... 10.50% w/v
Nitrate nitrogen …………………………... 10 .50% w/v
Urate nitrogen …………………………… 21.00% w/v
Density: 1.32 gr/cc
pH: 7 – 8</ p>

ORANGFOL N 42 is a fertilizer with a high nitrogen concentration for foliar application and with hydro-fertilization. Nitrogen is an element that plants need in large quantities to achieve vigorous and sufficient growth for high yields. Nitrogen is part of the protoplasm and nucleus of plant cells. It is found in many organic compounds such as proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates and plays an important role in the basic functions of plants. Nitrogen deficiency in plants can have the following characteristics: thriving plants with pale green leaves, dry yellowish leaves, late ripening, few fruits and small seeds. ORANGFOL N 42 is rapidly absorbed through the leaves and complements soil applications of this element. The balanced presence of the three forms of nitrogen guarantees a gradual and long-lasting effect of nitrogen when applied with hydro-fertilization.

Cultivation Dosage Application stage
Olive 500ml/100L Before Bloom and repeat every 30 days
Olive (Hydrofertilization) 5-7 L/str Late winter during intense vegetative growth
Grain 500 ml/str 1 application on the sibling and 2 applications on the flag sheet
Strawberry 0.5-1.0 L/str After flowering and every 15 days
Horticulture 500 ml/str Before flowering and repeat every 10-14 days
Horticulture (Hydrofertilization) 2-4 L/str From the beginning of vegetative growth
Pome fruit, Giant fruit 500ml/100L Before fruit set and repeat every 10-14 days
Pome fruit, Giant fruit (Hydrofertilization) 5-7 L/str Before Bloom and Petal Fall
Corn 0.5-1.0 L/str Preventive and therapeutic applications

ORANGFOL N 42 is generally combined with conventional products used in agriculture. It is not recommended to apply with products containing copper, mineral oils or product mixtures that favor an alkaline reaction. Pour the product into the dispenser when it contains about half of the solution you intend to prepare, shake the solution to facilitate mixing and speed dissolution. During preparation, consider the conductivity and temperature of the water, to adjust the dose to be dissolved
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