LEFASAGRI || AFOI LEFA OE Company imports fertilizers, special plant nutritient products, biostimulants and beneficials for a variety of crops as well as special irrigation components. Nutrition and irrigation are the two most important factors in modern agriculture and constitute the most crucial ones for a successful crop.


NPK Pownder Fertilizer

EC Fertilizer
NPK Pownder Fertilizer
Easy Plant is a range of micro-crystalline fertigation products,available in different titrations – which all contain macro andmicronutrients – and can be used with every type of irrigation systeminuse today.
The products of the CRYSTAL are characterized by high purity andrapid and total solubility.
The complete and balanced composition of the micronutrients in thesefertilizers guarantees an effective and economically advantageousapplication.
More over, nitrogen is present in all its forms: nitric for arapideffect; ammoniacal and ureic for an extended action.
The variety of the available titrations makes this line suitablefortheneeds of any cultivation.

CRYSTAL Nitric (N) Ammonium (N) Ureic (N) P2O5 K2O Β Cu Fe Mn Zn Μο
19-19-19+TE 0 3.9 16.1 20 20 0.02 0.007 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.001
13-40-13+TE 0 7.8 5.2 40 13 0.02 0.007 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.001
15-5-30+TE 0 3.9 6.1 20 30 0.02 0.007 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.001
30-10-10+TE 0 2.1 28,9 11 11 0.02 0.007 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.001

The products of the CRYSTAL can be used in fertigation at thedoseof kg. 30-150 per ha of soil to be irrigated, in fractionatedapplications. The choice of the doses depends on different causes andcan be varied according to the user’s needs.




Fertilizers & Irrigation

Fertilizers & Irrigation

Contemporary agriculture demands suitable fertilizers, special nutrient products and supplements and above all appropriate irrigation.


Specialised, environmental friendly, water - soluble fertilizers for intensive crops and hydpoponics

Bio Products

We offer, biological, special-nutrient products, which can be ideally used for any crop


Swirskii Mip, Nessidiocoris Mip, Andersoni, Orius, and other beneficial insects as well as Bombinas for pollination

Spareparts Irrigation

Irrigation Systems of high quality for perfect irrigation not wasting any valuable water.