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NATURE GREEN (Magnesium and Iron)


Mix Of Micronutrients Iron (Fe) (SULPHATE)
And Manganese (Mn) (SULPHATE) (Mg-S) (2-48)
Allowed In Organic Agriculture

NATURE GREEN is a fertilizer recommended to enhance the productivity and quality of fruit & vegetables, flower growing and gardening productions. NATURE GREEN is a fertilizer containing a formulation of macro and micronutrients useful to prevent and treat micronutrients deficiencies.
Manganese and Magnesium facilitate the regular development of metabolic and biochemical processes of energy production and photosynthesis. NATURE GREEN contains a high percentage of totally water-soluble Iron (13%) that makes this product particularly suitable for the treatment of iron chlorosis through direct soil application.
The contribution of Sulphur through the application of NATURE GREEN guarantees the acidification of the circulating solution, also improving the solubility and availability of the micronutrients, both supplied and already present in the soil.
The product is granular formulated, suitable for applications with fertilizer spreaders.

Tree crops 500 – 700
Horticulture 400 – 600
Floriculture and ornamental 400 – 600


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