LEFASAGRI || AFOI LEFA OE Company imports fertilizers, special plant nutritient products, biostimulants and beneficials for a variety of crops as well as special irrigation components. Nutrition and irrigation are the two most important factors in modern agriculture and constitute the most crucial ones for a successful crop.


Phosphorus and Zinc

Fertilizer EC

NP (Zn) 11-50 (2)

MICRO START 11-50is amicro-granular fertilizer that stimulates crop growth in theearlier growth phases.
Thanks to the high content of phosphorus and zinc,MICRO START 11-50 stimulates the lengthening ofthe root system and produces a faster release of the crop,especially at low temperatures, in presence of water excess orstress conditions.
MICRO START11-50 can be distributed in most cases through the commonmicro-granulators available in the seeding machines. In case ofwheat or barley seeding, the seeds can be put into the hopper withthe product, creating alternated layers of fertilizer andseeds, thereby enhancing the efficiency of fertilization,reducing waste and optimizing the times and the related costs ofdistribution.


Hard and soft wheat, barley 25-40 Localized  sowing or using granulate or mixed with the seed
Maize 25-35
Sugar beet 30-40
Soya, sunflower, sorghum 20-35
Tomato 30-45
Tobacco 30-40
Horticulture 25-35




Fertilizers & Irrigation

Fertilizers & Irrigation

Contemporary agriculture demands suitable fertilizers, special nutrient products and supplements and above all appropriate irrigation.


Specialised, environmental friendly, water - soluble fertilizers for intensive crops and hydpoponics

Bio Products

We offer, biological, special-nutrient products, which can be ideally used for any crop


Swirskii Mip, Nessidiocoris Mip, Andersoni, Orius, and other beneficial insects as well as Bombinas for pollination

Spareparts Irrigation

Irrigation Systems of high quality for perfect irrigation not wasting any valuable water.